Have you ever felt a whoosh or seen something that’s unexplainable? There’s no such thing as ghosts. It’s physically impossible for a witch fly on a broom stick and as for Dracula, he is merely a myth. Maybe it was the wind, or you just don’t know. Now imagine yourself… Read More Read More   Read More Read More
Check out Ziah's Adventure in London. From The House of Vans to Ballet Black at The Barbican Theatre. Read More
Someone has started getting in to the world of YouTube, so he's decided to give it a whirl! Welcome to Ziah's Adventures... Read More
If you’re close to Bradford, you’ll know you can’t miss this landmark. Can you believe it opened in 1983! 1983, Crikey, the place IS knocking on a little. I have fond memories of visiting the museum as a child, with family and on school trips. I even bagged an amazing… Read More
The Easter holidays can sometimes be a difficult one to fill, 2 full weeks and then some. Especially within a budget! Alongside our normal Boomchikkaboom events, we have teamed up with Leeds Young Film Festival, and are hosting not 1 but 3 exciting events at The Hyde Park Picture House.… Read More
As a self-confessed workaholic, my method of making sure I spend quality time with my family is… putting giant crosses over dates in my diary where I will make sure I do no work (ish.) Another thing I like to do is book tickets for different experiences in advance, so… Read More