‘3 magical spells to do with children this Halloween’

Have you ever felt a whoosh or seen something that’s unexplainable? There’s no such thing as ghosts. It’s physically impossible for a witch fly on a broom stick and as for Dracula, he is merely a myth. Maybe it was the wind, or you just don’t know. Now imagine yourself as a child and ask yourself the same question. A child will have   a wild and creative explanation for everything.

Today we saw a rare blue double decker bus collecting school children to go on a trip. ‘Do you think Harry Potter is on that bus?’ asked Dante my 6 year old son. He was recalling the film ‘Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets’, which he had seen over the weekend. ‘Yes I see him’ replied Cam, my 3 year old, ‘he’s on the top floor but I can’t see the bad guy’. ‘Maybe he’s invisible. Look the bus has gone’ they continued…

The bus had only parked around the corner but it was a great example of how wonderful imagination is and something which every child possesses. According to Dr. Stephanie Carlson, ‘Somehow, what is totally natural for every child seems unnatural for the majority of adults’. Halloween is no different, it’s a great chance to unlock a child’s imagination and open yours a little too. Who doesn’t want to be a modern day princess, superhero, ghost, witch or wizard?

Inspired by the  series of Harry Potter movies, which is currently being aired on Saturday’s at 6pm on ITV, and of course the original series of books by JK Rowling, our wizards have been going through their paces and practicing making their potions to get up to all sorts of mischief!

3 is the magic number and here are 3 simple spells and potions to try at home or outside if you prefer, just remember these ARE NOT for consumption:

  1. Wizards Mocktail – 

Transform into another realm and live like a wizard. These potions even have cloudy effects that make it extra magical. Adults will need to transport too as supervision is a must but you could always have your own ‘cheeky’ beverage on the side with some smoke effects too!


–          Dry Ice

–          Food colouring

–          Hot water

–          Glass jar or container

–          Rubber gloves



Choose a variety of glasses including food containers to get the best effect. Add hot water from the tap. Select the correct food colour for your potion. Adults step up, using the rubber gloves scoop up a few pellets of dry ice and add to all the glasses. Step back and watch it fizz.

Hocus Pocus Vamos! And watch the trickery unfold with very excited children.


  1. Goblin Soup 

Inspired from the Happy Hooligans Garden Soup spell, this Halloween alternative is a fine mix of nature and spooky extras.


–          Twigs

–          Leaves of all colours

–          Petals

–          Grass

–          Red food colouring

–          Marshmallow

–          Permanent marker


Set up your Hallo station; Collect all the necessities from the garden or park or forest including leaves, twigs, petals and grass. Cut to size, then add the marshmallow eye balls (you can draw on your own eye balls using the permanent marker). Next add the deadly food colouring. Mix it up in the cauldron and make sure no ghosts are around to drink it!

  1. Coca Cola v Pepsi – The Mentos challenge 


–          1L bottle of Coca Cola

–          1L Bottle of Pepsi

–          1 pack of Mentos


Throw a Mentos in both the Pepsi and Coke at the same time and see which one goes higher. This fun potion only takes a few minutes to concoct. Beware it’s definitely messy play so outside is the best place for this one.

Extra bonus spell:

Witches Waterfall Potion 


–          Vinegar

–          Washing up liquid

–          Food colouring

–          Bicarbonate of soda

–          Glitter flakes


In a small glass jar add ½ a glass of vinegar, a teaspoon full of food colouring and a squeeze of washing up liquid. Stir in the glitter and finally add the bicarbonate of soda and watch the potion bubble over like a waterfall.

Summoning all to our wizards convention

The Abbey in Leeds provides the perfect setting of castle ruins, secret avenues, forests and magic to host an event full of witchcraft and wizardry. Boomchikkaboom and Kirkstall Valley Development Trust are using magic powers to open a school on Halloween (Wed 31 Oct at 11am) where all witches, wizards, ghosts, skeleton dogs and monsters can explore their special powers. Just like the infamous Hogwarts School that the protégé Harry Potter attended! There will be a range of activities themed around your favourite Halloween movies. Make your own slime, wands and trick or treats. Take part in foam parties, messy play and pumpkin patch and get your own special goodie bag to take home.


To attend our Spooky Halloween bash! Click here for more information.