Goodbye, The National Media Museum… Hello, The National Science and Media Museum!

If you’re close to Bradford, you’ll know you can’t miss this landmark. Can you believe it opened in 1983! 1983, Crikey, the place IS knocking on a little.
I have fond memories of visiting the museum as a child, with family and on school trips. I even bagged an amazing work placement there during the summer holidays of university with the BBC news team.
Exhibitions are always being updated within the museum, as well as the café, cinema etc… but the most genius addition to the museum yet… Wonderlab.

With it now being re-named The Science and Media Museum, I wondered what changes had been made, and became even more intrigued by the promo pics I found online for Wonderlab and that it had had a massive £1.8m invested into the exhibition, I had to take a look.

With a rare Saturday off, we headed to the museum with Ziah (4)and his big bro (13). We checked out the other floors briefly, as they had been a few times before. We then made our way to level 3. We were asked if we had tickets :/ Ooops, I hadn’t done my research… luckily it was quiet, we didn’t need to book a slot, we could rock straight in… AND the tickets a FREE!

As soon as we walked in, I knew the boys would have a ball. Larger than I had imagined, you could see there was plenty to get interactive with. The staff were great, and pulled us to one side on a couple of occasions to try experiments, or to ask questions to get us all thinking. They were very knowledgeable and friendly.
Each station was great for the whole family to get involved in, and got all of us really thinking. We learned lots and got some great pics. We listen to music through our teeth, managed to capture the perfect rain drop picture, got lost in the crazy maze, made water move with sound and got to learn all about UV light.

We ended up spending 90 mins in Wonderlab! Thinking we’d be in and out much faster as the boys knew a Nando’s and bike ride was coming after… but they could have easily stayed longer if the car parking wasn’t about to run out!
Wonderlab is a great addition to the museum and to Bradford.
Get yourself down!

***Tickets are free, but Wonderlab recommend booking in advance. We also missed out of the live shows which take place every Saturday and Sunday 11.00, 12.30, 14.00 and 15.30.***

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