Cirque Du Soleil and GIANT Prawn Crackers

As a self-confessed workaholic, my method of making sure I spend quality time with my family is… putting giant crosses over dates in my diary where I will make sure I do no work (ish.) Another thing I like to do is book tickets for different experiences in advance, so I have plenty to look forward to throughout the year.

Last year I booked tickets for my Dad, Ziah and I to see Varekai, Cirque Du Soleil. I’d watched lots of Cirque Du Soleil on TV, and my son had always been transfixed. So was excited to see the real deal!

Today was a cross in the diary day as we were going to the CIRCUS!

Travelling on the bus is a bit of a treat in our house, so today a double decker was the choice of travel! We made our way to Leeds First Direct Arena then, armed with popcorn, sweets and drinks we took our seats. Our seats were further back than I had anticipated, so I was worried we wouldn’t see much. The first couple of scenes seemed to be quite small in production, so I was dying to jump down to a front row seat to get in on the action… BUT before we knew it, the ooohh’s, aaaah’s, wow’s and the cringes from the fear of the performers falling from great heights kicked in, and they didn’t stop. Our seats ended up being great and we had a good view of everything.

Varekai, was filled with spell bounding scenes, complete with a live band that had us tapping our toes throughout. The show had both adults and children chuckling at the comedy scenes, as well as clapping in excitement for the fast-paced sections where you didn’t want to blink in case you missed something. The finale was one of our favourite moments. Equipment was hauled in to centre stage and you could see the performers gearing up for something amazing. What a spectacle it was, filled with 100% pure talent from all on stage. How they did two shows in one day is beyond me!

As we left the arena Ziah declared that it was “amazing!”

Bellies rumbling, we trekked to the other side of Leeds, and grabbed a table for 3 at one of my favourite new restaurants, Mans Market, located just off Wellington Street, a short walk from the train station. I’d visited a few times with friends and with my partner, but not with children until now. I wasn’t prepared for them to have a children’s menu, but they did AND to make me love them even more, Kids eat FREE before 6.30pm…. BOOM!

Their giant Prawn Crackers were a huge hit with Ziah, naturally. Stuffed to the brim after our mains, we were ready to squeeze in a desert. The only option on the kid’s menu was Ice Cream, (Ziah doesn’t have dairy) so I’d asked the waiter if they had an alternative. He said they had Raspberry and Sorrel sorbet…. STOP hold up Mr Waiter my friend. “Is it Northern Bloc?” I asked excitedly, and sure enough it was… RESULT! So, Mans Market is my new hot spot for dining with little man now. I’d highly recommend, the staff were friendly and easy going, the décor will keep little eyes busy and the food is top notch.

In a nut shell Varekai was DOPE, Mans Market was DOPE!

Happy Weekend everyone, hope you’re all having a great one.


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