Blood, Sweat, Tears and Glowsticks , by Faye

Blood, sweat, tears and glowsticks!

Setting up a business was never my intention, it evolved almost accidently believe it or not. Equipped with the idea of hosting a rave from my big brother, and with my music background and experience working with young people, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to achieve. I roped in friends and family to help with the madness. Threw a poster on my personal Facebook that ended up being shared galore and before the week was out my first “Baby Rave” was already sold out!

My son was 8 months old at this point, I didn’t have many friends with babies and with my love for music and socialising I attended various classes/groups/courses. Some of which I loved and met some amazing families. But at some, I felt out of place, the vibe was very cliquey.

I remember attending one class where I walked in, smiled and said hello to the 3 ladies chatting in one corner, all 3 looked me up and down and continued with their conversation without even a smile in return. Cheers ladies!
I’d also been in a café sat with a group of fellow mamas from a group we all attended and we were discussing breast feeding. I was only able to breast feed for a short amount of time due to medication I take for my heart. They didn’t know this, but they continued to subtlety put down mothers who don’t breast feed, whilst I sat there feeding my baby his bottle. Again, cheers ladies!

So, using my experiences bad and good, I knew I wanted to create something that was welcome to all. An event that people wouldn’t feel awkward at and where sitting around in groups chatting was not an option. I wanted dads to be mad for it, grandparents to be down to tag along and something that older siblings would be welcome to attend and love it just as much. An event where people would be too busy having fun to notice that they were being pushed out of their comfort zone.

The first Rave was great, I was SO nervous as I collected feedback from people who had attended, I remember being too scared to read in case any of it was negative. But luckily everyone was mad for it. A family friend owned a nightclub, and afterwards I thought… Balls! I’m going to book there.
From then, each month I doubled up on how many events I was hosting. I quickly realised that although I was busy, I was spending so much money on hiring equipment, buying glowsticks, balloons and all the other fluff I could fit in my trolley each week. Stuffing 3 cars at a time for each event.

Bit by bit, I started to buy the equipment for myself. My house became full of STUFF, I mean a lot of STUFF…. Then came Grandma Doris to the rescue. She filled her spare bedroom, wardrobes, attic, you name is we stuffed it.

Everyone around me started to really believe in the business, and I felt the pressure to grow faster than I could. I was surrounded by so many people who wanted to help which I truly couldn’t have done without. At this point, over a year in, I STILL didn’t have a website! Everything I did was word of mouth or good old Facebook. I loved that I got to take my son with me and I also had the time to make memories with him and go on lots of adventures together. But I started to need a little help, Natalie joined my one-woman crew and added her fire and even more madness. So again, each month more things were added.

After another couple of rollercoaster years, in January 2016, I rebranded to what you all know as Boomchikkaboom. My son was due to start school that year and I knew with a different name and re-branding with a stronger brand (something I didn’t get the chance to do at the start!) I could host so many more events under one umbrella and really start to push what I had built as a business. Expanding into Messy Play sessions, Workshops, Cinema events and festivals.

Just over a year on, we’ve welcomed Nikkie our Messy Playa Master and our Rock Chic Rave and Private Party host Hanna, who are bringing more “crazy” to the Boomchikkaboom table and I’m loving it.
People always ask, do you ever have a day off? The answer is not really! When you have built your own business you’re always in work mode, replying to emails, messages, promoting events, booking in new events. The list is endless and it feels weird if my laptops not sat on my knee every night! 4 years on, I still get nervous before all our events, praying that all will go well and everyone will enjoy what we do!

I’ve only recently started to work out methods of being able to switch off and be able to spend quality time with my family, finally without the distraction of having to work on the sly… But that’s for another post 😉

So, that’s it. That’s how it all began. The outlines of it anyway! It’s been so much fun and there is SO much more to come. It hasn’t come without floods of tears, and stress galore. But I’m proud of Boomchikkaboom and the hustle behind it and look forward to sharing lots more on here.

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